Food Processing Sector
Consumers want safer, fresher food without preservatives and chemical additives. Our health and longevity are dependent on what we eat. Retailers face the daily challenge of providing this high quality food. Cold chain solutions are necessary in order to preserve the freshness and quality of temperature sensitive products, such as fruits, fresh produce etc.
Keeping in view the importance of temperature sensitive requirements in consumer foods, Gati Kausar has come up with Cold Chain Solutions which provides customized temperature sensitive services for frozen and fresh foods, dairy products and more.
Pharma Sector
The pharmaceutical distribution channel is the “last mile” to the end user. Our company provide a much needed service to the health care industry. Gati Cold Chain Solutions specializes in providing complete temperature control solutions for Pharmaceutical Cold Chain, Pharmaceutical Transport, Pharmaceutical Logistics, Healthcare and logistics.
Retail Sector
The Retail industry needs a robust farm-to-retail cold chain solutions to sustain the growing domestic and export demand. Modern retail sector necessitates efficient supply between source and the end consumer . Responding to this need, Gati Kausar offers a specialized integrated supply chain solution for the Retail sector. Our Organized retail services will provide JIT (Just in time) services through LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles) covering F&V and retail chain.
Agri Food Sector
There has been a phenomenal growth in the perishable agri food commodities over the last decade in India. A tremendous need for a comprehensive supply chain network across India is being felt. Gati Kausar has meticulously developed itself over the years and today boasts a huge fleet of refrigerated vehicles that cater to primary and secondary distribution needs of the customer.
Food Service Sector
The food service sector is one of the fastest growing industries in India. Nowadays, people with hectic work life balance prefer to go out for eating. This results in significant growth of Quick service restaurants in India. We at Gati Kausar, provide primary and secondary transportation for these restaurants. We are working to expand our services to cater to the needs of the customers. We are building our capacity to provide services such as multi-temp vehicles, milk run deliveries in cities, tray/crates washing and management, pre-trip container cleaning, sanitization, etc.
Dairy products and ice cream
Changing consumer dietary patterns, rising awareness regarding nutritional values of dairy products, along with growing willingness of consumers to spend on non-conventional dairy products such as yogurts, probiotic drinks, ice creams etc., is propelling growth in Indian dairy products market. Ice cream, a popular dairy product enjoyed chilled and fresh all year around, Gati Kausar steps in to deliver the best to its customers ensuring uncompromised quality for every transaction. The cold chain solutions provider offers full fleet of temperature controlled transportation solutions with real time tracking of vehicles for temperature sensitive dairy product.
Sectors Served
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